Custom Patches, Embroidery

Different Twill Crest Options


This application process begins with a patch-like template which is used to determine the appropriate twill-stitch ratio unique to each logo or design. Twill to stitch ratios are dependent on a few factors including color, shape, and complexity of design. The ratio is based on the approximate measurement of twill coverage to the size of the patch.

Let’s first consider a 0/50 percent twill-stitch ratio. This option is great for teams with minimal details and coloring. A logo comprised of simple shapes with little to no internal details will benefit the most from this option. Because the stitching is used to secure the crest onto the garment, this option creates a clean lightweight look.

The 50/80 twill-stitch ratio is the most popular option among everyday clubs and teams. It is considered the mid-grade option because of it’s affordability and turn-around time. Teams like this ratio best because more stitching is used to create detail. This enhances the three dimensional look and feel of a crest without compromising cost or quality.

The highest twill-stitch ratio is 80/100. Though it is more economical than a fully embroidered patch, this ratio has the highest price point for twill crests. Logos with intricate shapes and internal design elements benefit most from this option because it creates contrast and depth without sacrificing detail.

Weighing the pros and cons of each option, the breakdown is simple; More detail = higher stitch count = higher cost.



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